Friday, February 10, 2012

Cloud Hosting for Liferay from BitNami

Liferay is now available in BitNami Cloud Hosting! Liferay is the newest application to join the growing list of apps in BitNami Cloud Hosting, which provides one-click deployment of dozens of open source applications and development environments to the Amazon Cloud (AWS). Liferay is an open source portal, web content and collaboration software platform that powers internal and external websites for some of the world's largest companies, such as Cisco, T-Mobile, Barclays Bank, Autozone, China Mobile and many others.

Liferay in BitNami Cloud Hosting

For Liferay users, BitNami Cloud Hosting provides the easiest way to host Liferay in the cloud. In addition to simplified application deployment, BitNami Cloud Hosting provides automatic backups, backup retention policies, server scheduling, monitoring and other features that simplify the hosting of apps on AWS.

We offer a free unlimited 30-day trial of BitNami Cloud Hosting as well as a free developer plan, which allows you to launch and manage one micro instance free for one year. Combining this with Amazon's free tier provides you with a free year of hosting for a cloud server! Sign up for a free trial to have Liferay up and running on the Amazon Cloud in minutes.