Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New BitNami Django Stack 1.4 released

We are happy to announce that the recently released Django 1.4 version is now available as a BitNami stack.  After a couple of developer versions we bring you the latest stable version of Django ready to use. This release bundles the new boto 2.3.0 library that includes initial support for Amazon Simple Workflow Service.
You can download a native installer or a virtual machine. DjangoStack 1.4 will also soon be available as an Amazon Machine Image and as an option in BitNami Cloud Hosting, allowing it to be deployed to the Amazon cloud with one click. BitNami stacks simplify the deployment and testing of open source web apps and are an ideal method to test the latest releases of your favorite projects, including Django.

There are a lot of improvements in this Django release. Some highlights include:
  • Support for time zones when handling dates and times; the framework's new time-zone-aware objects store date and time as UTC internally and translate them to user's local time zone when displayed.
  • Supports integration with in-browser testing frameworks like Selenium
  • Many new security improvements and features
  • Updated default project layout and manage.py