Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New BitNami Concrete5 Stack

We are happy to announce that a new BitNami Stack for concrete5 has been released!   concrete5  is an open source (MIT licensed) content management system that allows you to deploy web applications, websites, stores and forums and easily manage their content and their site structure. concrete5 is also a flexible framework written in Object Oriented PHP 5, and follows an extensible Model View Controller approach.

concrete5 excels at both ease of use and attention to detail. It provides a powerful inline editor and allows extensive customization of the look and feel of the site. You will be able to edit the frontend directly, add new blocks quickly and even drag and drop page elements on the fly.
Adding a new blockEditing content

Now you can easily install and configure your concrete5 application in your system with Native Stacks, run a Virtual Appliance or deploy on Amazon EC2 directly.