Monday, June 18, 2012

New Gitorious Stack

We are happy to announce a new addition to our family, Gitorious. It is a great way of collaborating on distributed open source projects. Gitorious provides an open source infrastructure for hosting projects that use Git. It also supports projects with wikis, a web interface for merge requests and code reviews and activity timelines for projects and developers.

BitNami Gitorious Stack makes setting up Gitorious a simple process, so you can integrate your Git projects easily. 

Gitorious sample project
As usual, BitNami Gitorious Stack is now available in the form of ready-to-run installers, virtual machine images (VMs) and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for the Amazon Cloud. 

If you use the installer, note that Gitorious requires you to specify a hostname to access it from other computers. It is advisable to use a hostname or domain instead of an IP address to avoid issues with different browsers. Note that the Virtual Machine is configured using an IP address by default but you can change it easily:

$ sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/gitorious/updateip --machine_hostname your_hostname

You can find more info in our Wiki.

Gitorious is developed by Gitorious AS, which also provides commercial prepackaged versions of Gitorious as well as managed servers and professional consulting services. Make sure to check them out if you need commercial support for Gitorious.


  1. Thanks for the stack! It works pretty well, but why did you removed the .git folder from the application directory? It breaks the upgrade process of the application as described here:

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. We will take into account for future releases.

  3. If you guys make a gitorious module for the redmine stack, you will win my eternal gratitude =D

  4. :) Currently is difficult because Gitorious supports Ruby 1.8 and Redmine is configured with Ruby 1.9 but we will add it in our TODO list.


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