Monday, June 11, 2012

BitNami module for Redmine 2.0 already available for new Rubystack

Last week we released the new BitNami Redmine 2.0 Stack with several configuration improvements:

      • On Linux and OS X, the default configuration now uses Passenger (a.k.a mod_rails) instead of Mongrel Cluster servers. This configuration improves the Redmine application performance for these platforms.
      • On Windows, the BitNami Redmine Stack uses Thin servers instead of Mongrel to deploy the Redmine application. Different benchmark tests show that Thin performance is also better than Mongrel.
Now, we are happy to announce two new versions of BitNami RubyStack:

- Version 2.3.14-2: Which supports the new Redmine module version in addition to other  PHP  BitNami modules like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, SugarCRM, etc. These modules are installed on top of this RubyStack and they share the same Apache server and the MySQL database.

- Version 3.2.5-0: Which ships the latest version of Rails and Ruby 1.9.

Both RubyStack versions include RVM 1.13.6 for OS X and Linux. On Windows they ship the DevKit to install gems that require to be compiled for this system easily.

As usual, RubyStack and Redmine are now available in the form of ready-to-run installers, virtual machine images (VMs) and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for the Amazon Cloud.