Thursday, December 20, 2012

New BitNami Redmine 2.2.0 released!

We are happy to announce that you can now download a new BitNami Redmine stack for the just-released Redmine 2.2.0 version. In case you are not familiar with the Redmine project, it is a flexible, web-based project management application.

This version of Redmine adds support for the latest Rails release: Rails 3.2.9. We also upgraded PHP to the latest stable version: 5.4.9.

New features in this version:
  • Private comments in issues.
  • Ability to allow subtasks in subprojects or other projects (can be turned on/off with a configurable scope).
  • Issue relations improvements:
    • Precedes/Follows relations take care of non working days when rescheduling issues (non working days can be configured in the application settings).
    • Precedes/Follows relations now also move following issues when rescheduling an issue earlier.
    • A new relation "Copied from/to" is automatically added when copying issues.
    • You can now filter issues against their relations.
    • Relations can be displayed on the issue list.
  • Issue list improvements:
    • The order of the group column can now be set.
    • An option lets you display the full issue descriptions on the issue list.
  • REST API additions: wiki pages, roles, priorities, user Impersonation.
Download the free native installer or virtual machine or deploy the new Redmine 2.2.0 version to the Amazon cloud in one click from the BitNami Redmine page. Enjoy!