Friday, December 14, 2012

New Cloud Tools for Windows Azure

We are happy to announce a new addition to the BitNami family: BitNami Cloud Tools for Windows Azure. It is a native installer that bundles the command line tools that you need to access and manage Azure Cloud services together with all the third-party components required to make them work, such as Python and Node.js runtimes. The installers are available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Because they are self-contained and can be installed in just a few clicks, they are a convenient tool for getting started with the Windows Azure cloud.

Assuming you already have a Windows Azure account, the next step after installation is proper Windows Azure credentials setup.

1. Start the '' on OS X or Linux or the 'Windows Azure cmd' on Windows. You should see a warning like the following:

WARNING: Your Azure account was not imported yet.
Please run the 'azure account download' command to import your account

2. Run the command below:

$ azure account download

info:    Executing command account download
info:    Launching browser to
help:    Save the downloaded file, then execute the command
help:      account import <file>
info:    account download command OK

3.  Download your 'publishsettings' file from Windows Azure and import your accout.

$ azure account import publishsettings_file

info:    Executing command account import
info:    Found subscription: 3-Month Free Trial
info:    Setting service endpoint to:
info:    Setting default subscription to: 3-Month Free Trial
info:    Use "azure account set" to change to a different one.
warn:    The 'publishsettings' file contains sensitive information.
warn:    Remember to delete it now that it has been imported.
info:    Account publish settings imported successfully
+ Enumerating locations
info:    account import command OK

That's all!  You can now start launching and starting Azure images on your own. Take a look at this quick guide to get started with WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! in Windows Azure with BitNami images.