Monday, February 18, 2013

GitLab Coming Soon - Which Project Will be Next?

For several weeks, GitLab, a free project and repository management application, was close to winning our bi-weekly contest. This time, it won and GitLab will be soon added to the BitNami Library. As with all BitNami apps, we will provide free installers, VMs and cloud images for the Amazon and Windows Azure clouds. Congratulations to the GitLab team!

Since we started our bi-weekly contest last December, we have added a wide variety of apps to the library based on your votes:
- TestLink, a test management application
- phpCompta, an accounting application
- Chyrp, a blog software
- Tiki a Wiki/CMS/Groupware application
- ResourceSpace, a digital asset management system
- Zurmo, a CRM (we plan to release it tomorrow!)
- OpenERP, an ERP system in which we continue working on

In this current contest round, which will be running for another week, several interesting projects are up for potential BitNami packaging. Currently, the top apps are:

- XOOPS a PHP based Content Management System for developing websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, and weblogs.

- eFront is a PHP based flexible eLearning 2.0 system.

- Discourse a Ruby on Rails based open source discussion platform created by the Stack Exchange (stackoverflow, serverfault, etc) guys.

If you prefer one of these, be sure to vote for it! You can also vote for other projects or nominate another project that isn't yet on our list. Don't forget to ask others to vote for your favorite project so that it wins!