Monday, August 19, 2013

CiviCRM now part of the BitNami Library

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the BitNami Library, CiviCRM, winner of the BitNami contest. CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations.

CiviCRM can be integrated with Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress content management systems giving you the tools to connect, communicate and activate your supporters and constituents. Now, in the BitNami Library, you can find BitNami CiviCRM, an easy to deploy package of CiviCRM integrated with Drupal. We will add support for WordPress and Joomla! integrations if there is demand. You can download free, ready to run native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux, virtual machines and Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud images

As we usually do for our contest winners, we contacted the CiviCRM team to learn more about their project. Dave Greenberg, one of the CiviCRM core team members, was kind enough to answer our questions and tell us more about the project.

What is the goal of the CiviCRM application?

CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations. Using CiviCRM's robust feature set, organizations can further their mission through contact management, fundraising, event management, member management, mass e-mail marketing, peer-to-peer campaigns, case management, and much more. CiviCRM is localized in over 20 languages including: Chinese (Taiwan, China), Dutch, English (Australia, Canada, U.S., UK), French (France, Canada), German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish.

What are some of the features of CiviCRM?

CiviCRM's fundraising features make it easy for organizations to create contribution forms for multiple fundraising appeals - recording pledges, one-time donations, recurring donations, tribute donations and more.

CiviCRM offers a complete suite of communications tools allowing you to build subscriber lists and create effective mass mailings.
CiviCRM integrates seamlessly with public websites built using Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress.

CiviCRM helps you create and manage event registration - recording constituent attendance directly in their activity record.

CiviCRM provides flexible membership management for organizations including convenient online sign-up and renewal. 

Which projects or organizations are using CiviCRM currently? What kind of projects do they use it for?

CiviCRM is used by thousands of organizations globally - ranging from large charities (Leaukaemia & Lymphoma Research) and global advocacy organizations (Amnesty International) to foundations (Wikimedia Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation ... ) to local community, faith-based and grassroots organizations (Education Outside, Bay Area Children's Theater, Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra), and government entities (New York State Senate). 

Uses range from constituent case management to fundraising and event management to issues advocacy.

What do you expect will be the main benefits of having BitNami packages available for CiviCRM?

Bitnami cloud-based 1 click installations will provide an easy on-ramp for more organizations to implement CiviCRM in a cost-effective and secure environment.  

If you would like to see CiviCRM in action, launch a free cloud demo server with the BitNami Cloud Launchpad for Azure by clicking the launch button below.