Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Bitnami Cloud Hosting for AWS Activate Participants

If you're a startup and you're thinking about AWS, then consider signing onto Activate, a program AWS created for small companies. For Activate participants, Amazon provides resources, forums, education, and even credits towards using AWS services.

As the largest provider of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in the world and, we're happy to announce today support the Activate program with our own special offer: free Bitnami Cloud Hosting.
  • AWS Startup Pack members in the Self-Starter tier get 3 months free 
  • AWS Startup Pack members in the Portfolio tier get 6 months free 
Bitnami Cloud Hosting greatly simplifies AWS server management and offers powerful features such as automatic backups, cloning, monitoring, notifications, and more. From the Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard, you can launch the 80+ Bitnami images from the AWS Marketplace, or even just spin up an Amazon server and add your own components.

To learn more, visit the AWS Activate home page, then look under Special Offers to find Bitnami Cloud Hosting or read the AWS blog. Our service is completely free to try and, even if users discontinue using Bitnami Cloud Hosting, their servers at AWS keep running normally.