Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ametys added to Bitnami Library!

We are stoked to announce that Ametys, one of the winners from our monthly app contest, is now part of Bitnami Library!

Ametys is a multi-purpose Java CMS that can run corporate websites, blogs, portals and corporate wikis on the same server.

Thanks to the amazing community votes, Ametys is now ready to install in a few clicks with the Bitnami Ametys installers, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, Virtual Machine images (VMs) and cloud images for the Amazon EC2 and Azure clouds.

Maeva Mongaillard, Communications Manager at Ametys, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the project.

What is the goal of the Ametys application?
Ametys is an open source CMS that combines simplicity for users, beginners to advanced, with rich content and advanced features.

It makes content publishing accessible for the non-programmer and provides an easy editor with the kind of simplicity you'd find in Microsoft Office. Everything from enterprise websites, to blogs, to wikis, to complex portals can be built with Ametys.

What are some of the features of Ametys?
There are a lot! But some of the most important are probably:
  • Easy-to-use & intuitive interface: Ametys makes it easy for you to create and manage your content. Ametys provides user friendly authoring tool inspired from Microsoft Office suite.
  • Multisite & multilingual: With Ametys, you can create any type of professional websites. Ametys includes customs skins, content sharing features with powerful user management and allows flexible sites management with drag and drop.
  • Customizable workflow: Ametys has a powerful workflow engine using OpenSymphony OSWorkflow which allows customizable approval processes.
  • Extend with plugins: Ametys comes packed with all features you need to edit and manage your websites. A plugin directory is also available to extend its capabilities, things like calendars, social media plugin, widgets, newsletters, UGC, forms, comments feed, and so forth.
  • 100% Java open source: Ametys is developed in Java and licensed under Apache 2.0.

What kinds of organizations are well suited to using Ametys?        
Ametys has been designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and public institutions with advanced web publishing issues. Ametys is especially well suited for large organizations needing a multisite platform to manage multiple websites through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. There are now hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.
What do you expect will be the main benefits of having Bitnami packages available for Ametys?
Bitnami makes it easy for everyone to test and evaluate Ametys locally or in the cloud quickly and easily without technical skills. It will allow people to save time and install Ametys in few seconds by themselves.

Thanks, Maeva!

Check out Ametys videos below, then visit the Bitnami Ametys page to try Ametys free.

Would you like your favorite app to be part of Bitnami? Be sure to suggest and vote for it in our monthly contest!