Monday, May 5, 2014

New AMP/APP stacks with latest PHP versions released

We are happy to announce that all of the Bitnami PHP-based development stacks have been updated to use the latest PHP versions:

  • PHP 5.4.28
  • PHP 5.5.12
  • PHP 5.6.0beta2 
These versions fixed several issues, including a security issue CVE-2014-0185.

Because the Stacks are available as native installers, virtual machine images and cloud images, you can develop on a local machine natively or in a virtual environment and then deploy the application to Windows Azure or Amazon EC2 for testing and production.

The name of the Stack depends on the platform. It is called LAMP for Linux, MAMP for OS X and WAMP for Windows.

In addition to Apache, MySQL or PostgreSQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin, Bitnami AMP stacks are extensible and you can add applications on top of them. That way, all of the BitNami-packaged applications you want to run will share a single instance of Apache, MySQL and PHP, which will save space and improve performance. You can check the available modules for Bitnami WAMP, MAMP or LAMP.

Try now Bitnami PHP development stacks locally or in the Cloud and share your review with the Bitnami community. We are also open to new improvements and suggestions at