Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to run Redmine open source project management software in Azure

In March, we announced the Bitnami Launchpad for Microsoft Azure — the easiest way to deploy images in the Azure cloud. Sure, you could go through VM Depot where you can find all of our stacks, but our new Azure Launchpad is an even faster way to get up and running.

Redmine is a popular open source project manager that can be used to track many kinds of issues. Redmine is a Rails based project management application that has flexible role-based access control, feed and email notifications (and there’s even a free plugin for getting HipChat notifications), time tracking and more. It has a very simple interface and, having used it ourselves for years, we can say that it’s an easy tool to fall in love with. It’s very flexible and can be easily customized.

Give Redmine a spin with a free 1-hour demo, or launch a persistent server and try Redmine on Microsoft Azure with your team. Microsoft provides $200 credit for one month of evaluating Azure — more than enough to give you and your team completely free usage of Redmine (and more than a few other apps) for a month.