Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Bitnami ownCloud Stack 8.1 released

The new version of ownCloud 8.1 has been released and we're happy to announce that this version is already available in Bitnami.

This version contains significant improvements for users, administrators and developers. You can find the complete list of new features in the official release notes.

ownCloud is a flexible, open source file sync and share solution. Whether you're using a mobile device, workstation, or a web client, ownCloud provides your employees complete ease of use and accessibility to the right files on any device in one simple, secure and controlled solution.

Bitnami ownCloud is available as native installers (for Linux and OS X). Unfortunately, the ownCloud team will no longer support Windows as a native platform (you can read more information about it here). If you are planning to continue using ownCloud on Windows you can use one of our virtual machines. Finally you have also available cloud images for Amazon EC2, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

You can find more information about how to manage your installation on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.