Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The New topLog Arrives in Bitnami!

We are excited to announce today’s release of a major update from software partner topLog! topLog is a great all-in-one log management solution that makes monitoring your system and preventing problems a breeze.

With its sophisticated analysis engine, topLog is now even better at predicting issues with your application and showing where to find problems before they occur. The analysis engine adds pattern extraction, pattern correlation, and anomaly detection to the already robust suite of topLog features. With topLog, your days of digging through thousands of log entries after a problem has already occurred will be over!

The new Bitnami topLog stack comes with a free one user license, so you are welcome to try it out for yourself. You can now install topLog in just a few clicks with the Bitnami topLog installers, Virtual Machines, and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform.

If you want to check out topLog, simply launch a free cloud demo server. Click the button below to get your own instance running for 1 hour, free!

Information on how to manage your installation can be found on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.