Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Control Your Minecraft Servers with the Bitnami Multicraft Stack!

Minecrafters unite!

New to the Bitnami Library comes the very popular Minecraft hosting platform, Multicraft! Multicraft is a highly touted all-in-one, customizable Minecraft server control panel that was built with the user experience in mind. Stable and both easy-to-use and manage, Multicraft gives you the ability to control thousands of Minecraft servers from one place. Multicraft easily integrates with payment processing and includes APIs that allow you to create your own tools or integrate with third party applications.

Key features of Multicraft include:
  • Unified Web interface to control thousands of servers from a single dashboard 
  • Full-featured API for application automation and third-party integration 
  • Per-server management of user and player rights 
  • Built-in FTP server and client for simplified file transfer 
  • Built-in support for regular and rotating backups, world saves, server restarts, in-game messages and more 
  • Billing integration with Blesta, WHMCS, BoxBilling and others 
  • Sophisticated administrative tools to find and manage servers, send broadcasts, kick/ban players and manage users 
  • Easy, centralized configuration 
  • Customizable front-end with theming and Unicode support 
  • Advanced security features, including IP-based authentication, login brute-force protection, multi-level permissions and more 
  • Active community and professional support

Interested in Multicraft? Deploy a one-hour free demo of the Bitnami Multicraft Stack! We make it easy to run Multicraft in the cloud, virtually, or locally in minutes. Try it out now!