Thursday, October 29, 2015

DreamFactory 2.0 Now Available in Bitnami!

UPDATE: Managing your DreamFactory instances just got a whole lot easier. DreamFactory Software has released DreamFactory Enterprise. It’s a management platform that helps you provision, manage, and report on multiple DreamFactory instances used across your development lifecycle. With DreamFactory Enterprise, you gain the assurance that your DreamFactory instances are fully managed, secure, compliant, and more predictable in cost across shared infrastructure.

We are excited that our software partner DreamFactory has announced a new version 2.0, built completely from the ground up! DreamFactory is a popular open source REST API backend for mobile, web, and Internet of Things applications. With DreamFactory, developers can easily connect elements of their backend (SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, push notifications or external web services) to any mobile device, desktop computer, or IoT device using any of the most popular client frameworks. Bitnami offers a great deployment experience for DreamFactory in the cloud, as a Virtual Machine, and locally through our marketplace. You can even launch a free one-hour demo!

DreamFactory has been hard at work on rebuilding the product from scratch using the latest PHP frameworks and web standards, with a focus on improving three critical areas: Security, API Customizability, and Modularity/Scalability. For an overview of the new app, take a look at their video introduction.

Some specifics of their new features:

  • Easy integration with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Easy integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and GitHub OAuths.
  • More flexible role-based access controls. End users can now have different security permissions for different apps.
  • More flexible authentication with JSON web tokens (JWT) and API keys. You can now set session timeout rules, authenticate users with usernames and passwords, make APIs public, or distribute API keys to specific developers.
API Customizability
  • Implement and automatically document RESTful APIs from scratch with custom scripts.
  • Customize API business logic with server-side scripting in either JavaScript or PHP, with additional languages to follow.
  • Improved API configuration UI for building custom APIs.
Modularity & Scalability
  • Fully modular architecture re-built using the Laravel PHP framework.
  • Install only the packages you need.
  • Use either NGINX or Apache web server (we like NGINX).
  • Pick default SQL database of choice (no longer limited to MySQL).
  • MongoDB is pre-installed and the REST API for Mongo is ready to go “out of the box”.
  • Higher scalability and performance for large-scale transactional mobile and IoT applications.
Launch Bitnami DreamFactory 2.0 in just a few clicks with our Local Installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images (VMs), or cloud images!

If you are an existing DreamFactory user and would like to see how to upgrade to DreamFactory 2.0 beta, see our wiki page here for easy-to-follow instructions.