Thursday, October 29, 2015

Check out Review Board’s new Version 2.5 on Bitnami!

Software engineers and managers the world over know the importance of having code review built into every step of the production process, and thousands of savvy developers at companies like Amazon and LinkedIn make that happen with Review Board. This popular web-based code review app removes the friction from checking each other’s code with features like side-by-side diffs and commenting for pre- and post-review commits. It enables dev teams to ship the highest quality software possible in the least amount of time, while learning from each other along the way!

Now, Review Board just got better with the announcement of their new version 2.5! With this latest release, the Review Board team makes even greater productivity possible with increased extensibility and improvements to mobile support and collaboration that were requested by their users. They also gave the visual design a great facelift!

Here’s a rundown of key improvements:
  • Mobile support: Important reviews don’t only happen between the hours of 9 and 5. Review Board 2.5 is mobile-friendly, so developers can contribute to important/urgent review even while they are not sitting at their desks
  • Expandable diff fragments: Instantly see more context for a comment - one click expands the diff right in the review.

  • Auto-versioning and diffing of file attachments, including images: Review Board will automatically track changes to file attachments. Simply upload your files, and everyone can see the changes side-by-side and comment on them like just like in the diff viewer.

  • Mute and Archive for review requests: You can now archive old review requests and mute any that don’t require your attention, allowing you to remove the clutter from your inbox and focus on what really matters.

  • Live HD Thumbnails: To view more of a large image, all you have to do is hover over the thumbnail.
  • API tokens: Third-party tools/services and custom scripts can now securely log in as a Review Board user. No need to give out passwords, and the access can be tightly restricted. This paves the way for future integrations with third-party automated code review services and tools.
  • Webhooks: Review Board 2.5 can notify other services like collaboration and CI tools of events. Now when you post or update a review request, it will already be in a format these tools understand.
Review Board 2.5 is available now in Bitnami! Enjoy a more seamless code review process in just a few clicks by deploying Review Board in the cloud, as a virtual machine, or with a local installer. You can even launch a one-hour demo in the cloud, absolutely free!