Friday, December 18, 2015

Optimize MySQL and MariaDB Performance in Real Time with the Bitnami MONyog Stack

Software developers and DBAs are constantly on the lookout for new tools that help them address the twin concerns of application performance and data security. That's where the Bitnami MONyog Stack comes in: it provides an enterprise-grade monitoring and performance optimization tool for MySQL and MariaDB, designed to give developers and DBAs deep insight into how to squeeze the most out of their database servers.

The Bitnami MONyog Stack includes replication and deadlock monitoring, historical and trend analysis of performance data and a unified dashboard that aggregates data from multiple MySQL/MariaDB deployments. The coolest thing about MONyog, though, is its real-time monitoring feature. This real-time monitor lets developers and DBAs watch database activity in real time to identify long-running or problem queries, pinpoint areas for improvement, and deliver faster, more optimized applications.

To use the real-time monitor, simply log in to MONyog and click the "Real-Time" tab in the top navigation bar. Select the server you wish to monitor and start a new monitoring session. The MONyog interface will rapidly fill up with a graph indicating database activity, color-coded by type of query. This lets you easily identify, for example, if the proportion of writes (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries) outweighs the proportion of reads (SELECT queries). You can also zoom in to specific time ranges in the graph for more in-depth analysis.

If you're looking for optimization targets, the monitor provides a list of the most-used tables and databases, as well the top 200 most frequently-executed queries. You can also view slow queries, deadlocks and locking queries. If you're tasked with ongoing product maintenance, this lets you regularly target the most common problem queries and continuously enhance page load times.

Sounds interesting? Read more about real-time monitoring here, visit MONyog's homepage, or spin up a MONyog server instantly and try it for yourself!