Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Announcing Bitnami / Eclipse Che Integration — Making Developer Workflows Better

Making Developer Workflows Better

Both had similar goals: to make it simpler for developers to get started with popular, but sometimes complex, development frameworks.  With Eclipse Che becoming an increasingly popular IDE for cloud-based and portable development, and Bitnami the leading source for open source applications amongst cloud providers, we thought we'd integrate the two to make a better workflow for developers everywhere.

Now it's here — by using the two together, you can combine Eclipse Che's cloud-based portable workspaces with Bitnami's trusted, always up-to-date, easy to use Development Containers, to get a faster, more stable, more seamless development workflow.

Just Click & Go: New Bitnami Development Containers for Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che now ships with Bitnami Development Containers (used to make Che workspaces), with the first release (we'll be adding more in the future) including:
  • Codeigniter
  • Express
  • Laravel
  • Play for Java
  • Rails
  • Swift
  • Symfony
To use them, you can either select them from the Stacks Library from within Eclipse Che (as shown in the screenshot above), or you can can launch Codenvy from any Bitnami Development Containers repository.

Questions or feedback? Drop us a line at containers@bitnami.com.