Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kong Now Available in Google Cloud Platform

Bitnami is excited to announce that we have partnered with Mashape and Google to package Kong for Google Cloud Platform! Now you can launch and scale your Kong instance in minutes through the Google Cloud Launcher or the Bitnami Launchpad for Google Cloud Platform.

Powerful Functionality for Your Software
Mashape’s Kong platform is a popular open source, scalable API gateway and microservices management layer that helps add common functionality on top of your web, mobile, or IoT application. It acts as a gateway for HTTP requests, while providing logging, authentication, rate-limiting, and a huge variety of additional functionality through plugins. Kong is built on NGINX and Cassandra, and is easily configurable for high availability, fault-tolerance, and clustering right out of the box.

Simple Clustering
The Bitnami Kong stack is easy to configure in a clustered topology - simply launch the number of instances you need, configure each node with the IP address and authentication settings for the Seed Node, and Kong does the rest! You can read more about clustering Kong with multiple instances in our documentation.

Launch Kong in Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Launcher is Google’s marketplace of preconfigured cloud images that enables you to launch Mashape’s Kong in Google Cloud Platform, in a configuration that makes sense for your application, in minutes. Kong is absolutely free- you only pay for the compute time.

Already a Bitnami user? The Bitnami launchpad for GCP enables you to deploy Kong to your cloud account, where it can be accessed in your GCP Console, in just a few clicks!

Give it a try, and add powerful functionality to your application now!