Monday, September 19, 2016

Backendless Pro Now Available in Bitnami

Backendless, the API management platform and Mobile Backend as a Service we all know and love, has now released a major update called Backendless Pro! Available immediately in Bitnami, this new iteration of the popular Middleware application will also be coming soon to the AWS Marketplace.

Backendless has been a valued partner with Bitnami for over a year, and in that time has gone through an extraordinary transformation into a product that is now a more scalable, reliable, and intuitive way to streamline your application development than ever before.

Development Without Server-Side Coding
Backendless Pro is an API generation and management suite and Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) that enables rapid development of mobile, desktop, and IoT applications. Deploying your code to the application enables you to automatically generate server-side functionality such as user registration and login, data persistence, geo location and geo fencing, and publish-subscribe messaging. All the functions that would normally require extensive development on the server side are automated, giving you the freedom to focus on client-side and business logic for your application.

Ready to Scale
Backendless Pro has some awesome features that are suitable for the enterprise or for rapid scaling of a web, mobile, or IoT application. It has the ability to cluster multiple servers for failover and scaling, and to take advantage of cloud services like RDS, ELB, EFS and ElasticCache. It can integrate with a wide range of databases including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. With a robust marketplace of plugins and extensions, you will be hard pressed to find a service that cannot integrate with your app using Backendless Pro.

Backendless Pro is now available in Bitnami to launch in just a few clicks, in all your favorite cloud platforms, as a virtual machine, and as a native installer. Interested in a quick test drive? Try our one-hour demo in the cloud, absolutely free!

Visit our docs to learn how to manage and scale your installation. Still have questions? Head to the Backendless Pro product page for more information.