Tuesday, September 26, 2017

7 Bitnami Engineers Among the First Certified Kubernetes Administrators

At Bitnami, we have been packaging applications for over a decade and we see application deployment as a continuum from bare metal, VMs, cloud images, containers even through to serverless. We made an early bet that Kubernetes was going to be the dominant orchestrator for containers in production and have been leading a number of Kubernetes projects that are simplifying packaging and deployment. (check out kubeapps.com for 100+ ready-to-run kubernetes helm charts) As we built in-house expertise, we started training our users and customers at industry events and through an ongoing webinar series throughout 2017. So naturally when the Linux Foundation announced the start of their Kubernetes Certified Service Program we jumped at the chance to participate.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider Requirements:
  • Three or more engineers passing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam
  • Demonstrable activity in the Kubernetes community including active contribution, and a business model that supports enterprise end users including putting engineers at a customer site

Our Kubernetes team went above and beyond the requirement by having 7 of our engineerspass the CKA exam, 3 of which are our Kubernetes trainers.

22 companies were included in the founding class, and we are proud to say that Bitnami was one of them. Along with names such as Canonical, Huawei, and IBM, Bitnami is trusted partner of the Kubernetes ecosystem that can provide Kubernetes support to the world’s leading enterprise companies.

“As Kubernetes has grown, so has the demand from enterprises needing expert services and support. Enterprises working with KCSPs can be confident the partner they’ve chosen to work with has the training and skills needed to help them succeed with Kubernetes.” - Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, in the Linux Foundation Press Release.

Along with our continued contributions to the project, our KCSP certified trainers look forward to spreading their Kubernetes knowledge to enterprises around the world with our customized and detailed training offerings.

If your team is in need of Kubernetes training by a KCSP provider, 
please reach out to us