Monday, May 7, 2018

Taking the Bitnami / Microsoft partnership to the next level: Simple cloud migration to support enterprise digital transformation

We at Bitnami are excited to be expanding our partnership with Microsoft. Our existing partnership is built around our application catalog - the more than 120 of open-source applications and development stacks that Bitnami pre-packages, maintains, and publishes to the Azure Marketplace. These have and continue to deliver a truly awesome click-to-deploy experience for Azure customers.

We are now adding Bitnami Stacksmith to our partner solution set for Microsoft Azure customers. Stacksmith makes it easy for enterprise companies to realize their digital transformation, application migration, and datacenter reduction initiatives.

Stacksmith is an easy to use SaaS tool that simplifies the migration of applications from the datacenter to container and cloud platforms. Stacksmith automates the manual tasks required to package, deploy and maintain them. Over recent months, Bitnami’s development team has worked with the Microsoft Azure team to build Azure platform support into Stacksmith. Now Microsoft customers can use Stacksmith and replatform their existing applications from their datacenter to Azure.

This support includes repackaging your application to your choice of output formats / platforms. Stacksmith will deliver a cloud optimized Virtual Machine image with its corresponding Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template for deployment to Azure. Or, for those interested in Kubernetes, Stacksmith can also repackage your application as a container with Helm chart for deployment to AKS.

This is what it looks like:

This integration provides a direct path for enterprise companies to replatform traditional applications to Azure. This not only helps companies get their applications out of the datacenter to Azure, but also makes it possible to utilize additional native Azure platform services, opening up a ton of options and flexibility. Here is what this looks like:

Come find out how the combination of Stacksmith and Azure can help you jumpstart your transition to the cloud. Contact your Microsoft sales rep or visit us at, where you can also try Stacksmith with our 30 day free trial.