Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meet the team: Randy Chang

The Bitnami team is a diverse group of talented people distributed all over the world. Get to know them better through this series of blog posts.

Based in our San Francisco office, Randy works on our Accounting team as our Controller.

A Brief Bio

I was born in Los Angeles but moved around a lot as a kid.  I was blessed with the opportunity to experience multiple cultures in my developmental years, living in Paraguay, Taiwan, and Singapore.  This has taught me that the world is larger that what we know it as and everything comes with perspective.

All the movement growing up shook my focus, and I was constantly bored in my studies and academics. My mother, being a tiger parent always wanted a doctor, lawyer and an accountant in the family. My sister became a surgeon, my brother an attorney, and I was left with slim pickings.

I studied business administration/accounting at San Francisco State, juggling full-time work and school for 6 years.  In those years, I funded my college education through online poker, worked at a regional tax firm (through a partner who I met at the tables) and developed a regional market for a consumer goods company.

Enjoying the sites in Sydney

Being in San Francisco, growth companies were the hype and I had to see what it was about.  I joined as an accountant and quickly fell in love with fast-paced high-growth startups.  In a short amount of time, I went through a series of acquisitions and promotions and landed as the Finance Director for a pre-IPO Marketing technology company.

In 2014, I flew to Taiwan for my 10-year high school reunion where I met my now wife.  In the span of 36 months, I’ve uprooted 3 times, living in Sydney, London and Toronto, got married, travelled the world, while managing the finance and operations of a midsize company.

Why you joined Bitnami and what excites you about working here? 

I joined Bitnami because I felt like I could add a lot of value to an organization that I’m used to working in.  I think Bitnami is at a very interesting point in its maturity and has major potential.

What excites me the most is the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. To me, one of my greatest joys is collaborating with various teams on cross-functional projects.

What are you working on?

As the controller, I work closely with Philip and Susana to ensure the finances are in order.  Aside from managing cash, spend, and financial reporting, I work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure information is reported in a timely and orderly fashion.

This translates to is making sure the company has visibility into all aspects of the business, which means I will partner with all teams to gather, parse, analyze and deliver the information that is requested.

What do you like to do for fun?

These days I like to go to the gym and spend time with my wife and my parents. I can enjoy a good hike, camping, golf, water sports, or scuba diving. And I can talk about anything, but can really enjoy a conversation about commerce, people, or travel.

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