Friday, November 19, 2021

Bitnami Cloud Hosting Deprecation – Focus on Extending Bitnami Application Catalog and Services

Since 2011, Bitnami Cloud Hosting (BCH) has provided an easy way for users to deploy and manage Open Source applications on the Amazon EC2 Cloud.  

Thanks to this service, users new to the cloud had the chance to quickly deploy and manage applications on AWS servers through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.  

As new packaging formats and deployment platforms come up, the Bitnami Engineering team has concentrated its efforts in providing multi-cloud cross-platform applications and services to match emerging developers’ needs.  

In the past two years, since the VMware acquisition, we have extended the Bitnami Open Source Catalog for containers and Helm charts, released VMware Application Catalog, a curated and customizable selection of Open Source software from the Bitnami Application Catalog, and improved in number and quality of the templates delivered to the major cloud marketplaces: VMware Marketplace, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM.  

Continuing to focus on increasing the investment to help developers adopt Cloud Native solutions and considering that there are multiple products that offer a similar experience as BCH, Bitnami team will discontinue the service for Bitnami Cloud Hosting by February 15th, 2022.  

Can I still launch Bitnami applications on AWS servers? 

The answer is: of course, you can! 

Discover and deploy the Bitnami Application Catalog on AWS Cloud servers using the following platforms:  

We know that some of the concepts and terms used to manage your servers in Bitnami Cloud Hosting are different from the ones used by AWS Cloud services. For that reason, we have created a detailed tutorial on how to manage Bitnami Cloud Hosting servers from the AWS console.  

If you experience any issue migrating your BCH data to the AWS console or you want to provide your feedback please post to our Community forums. We will be happy to help you there!