Friday, June 10, 2022

We Have Moved! Bitnami Support for Installers, VMs, and Cloud Images is Now Available on GitHub

When you have a problem with a Bitnami solution – whether it’s related to downloading an installer or running a virtual machine or cloud image - you navigate to the Bitnami Community site to find the answers and resolutions you’re looking for, both from Bitnami’s support team and from the community of Bitnami users. Through these interactions, we have built a large community of developers that help each other in solving common issues and thereby help you effectively use our catalog.  

A few years ago, we expanded our offerings to containers and Helm charts and began providing support for them in their natural environment: GitHub. Thus, Bitnami users may have had to navigate to two different sites to solve their issues, depending on the format they were running.  

To provide a unified experience, we will be moving the support for our installers, virtual machines, and cloud images to a GitHub repository as well: This change will be effective from June 30th, 2022. This will allow the Bitnami support team to meet the needs of our users from just one location: GitHub. 

The Bitnami Community site will remain open in read-only mode until July 15th, 2022.  We will migrate the most relevant content of this site to the new GitHub repository. If you will miss something, please do not hesitate to open a suggestion issue. Your feedback will help us to make this transition smoother!  

How Can I Submit a Request to the New Bitnami Support Page? 

If you are not familiar with GitHub, no worries! Our team has compiled everything you need to know on the README file, and incorporated a pinned issue to guide you on how to work with this repository. 

The following instructions walk you through the process of opening a new issue to receive support from the Bitnami team:  

  • Navigate to and, in the search box, enter the matter of your issue. Thus, you can check if there is an open issue that matches the topic you are searching for.  

  • GitHub shows only open issues by default. Hence, if you can’t find your topic in the resulting search, try to filter by closed issues as shown below: 

  • If any of the previous searches do not provide any results, then open a new issue. You can choose amongst three different types of issues depending on the problem you are experiencing: How to (if you want to ask us about how to use a Bitnami solution in a specific scenario), Suggestion (if you have feedback that you think will help us to improve our solutions), or Technical issue (if you are facing a problem or detected a bug when using our applications). 

Our support team will be happy to help you on GitHub!