Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bitnami CEO to Deliver Keynote @ Oracle Code Mexico

Join Bitnami CEO Daniel Lopez Ridruejo via live stream for his Oracle Code Keynote 
Followed by a 1-hour LIVE Q&A session on Reddit

Keynote Details:

Containers and the Future of Application Development
There are significant advantages in automating the deployment of software on servers. This talk will cover the evolution of implementation technologies from the early days of the web to the latest container-based platforms. There are no silver bullets: understanding the strengths and limitations of each solution is the key to running and managing your infrastructure for constant change, whether in the cloud or anywhere else.

Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Details:

  • What: Developer Legends Reddit AMA Series Brought to You By Oracle
  • When: June 29, 2017 – 1pm CDT
  • Where: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/
  • Suggested topics to cover with Daniel:
    • Technology: cloud platforms, cloud migration, containers, Kubernetes, cloud-native applications, application packaging, multi-tier applications, serverless computing, open source technologies

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the Bitnami Team: Tom McCafferty

Tom enjoying one of his favorite hobbies 

Meet one of the newest members of our team, Tom McCafferty, and learn why he choose to join the Bitnami Team as our VP of Marketing. 

Why I joined Bitnami…

I’ve spent the bulk of my career in product marketing which means I’ve spent a lot of time telling stories to customers, prospects, writers, industry analysts and partners (anyone who would listen) about companies, products and technology trends. And most of the time, if done well, the narrative creates a grand perception of whomever/whatever the story is about. I’ve told stories of small startups disrupting industry giants, I’ve told stories of changing infrastructure dynamics, I’ve written extensively on the future of communications and the impact of virtualization, automation and cloud computing. The dirty secret of marketing is that more often than not, the stories are just that….stories. Ok, they are generally rooted in some truth or some future truth (roadmaps) but are rarely representative of the actual state of the product or company.

In the case of a startup, creating a meaningful story can be especially difficult. Most of the time the foundational elements are not fully covered:

1. Do they have proven product(s)?

2. Is there a market for their products? Have they identified it?

3. Do they have customers? Are they meaningful customers?

4. Are they making money? Is it a sustainable business model?

5. Are they innovating? Is there a future opportunity?

When a friend first introduced me to Bitnami, I was absolutely blown away by the story they have to tell. Not only are they the clear leader in application packaging, they’ve applied that expertise to delivering cloud-ready and cloud-native application catalogs for every leading cloud provider (check out the list) in the world driving over 1 million new deployments per month. And they’ve built a profitable and rapidly growing business doing that. They’ve also had the foresight to leverage their internal know-how in building and publishing applications to productize application packaging tools for enterprise developers and system integrators to help businesses on their cloud migration journey. If that weren’t enough, they’re also driving innovations in the container ecosystem with open source kubernetes projects centered on packaging and discovering applications as well. Those are just the things that I can share today, there is so much more to come.

As I complete my second week as VP of Marketing at Bitnami I’m collecting data on products and buyers (there are many), evaluating the landscape of competitors (there are few) and defining ways to hone the story here to continue the momentum and accelerate the success that this team has had to date. I’m used to being in a position where there are gaps in the answers to those 5 questions above, not great answers to all of them. I’m hesitant to say that this makes my job an easy one, but I can confidently say that I am extremely excited about the opportunity to help Bitnami tell their story to the world.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet the Bitnami Team: Beltran Rueda

The Bitnami team is a diverse group of talented people distributed all over the world. Get to know them better through this series of blog posts.

Beltran is the Engineering Manager for our internal and external Tools team, and works in our Seville office.

A brief bio

I am from a small town near Sevilla, Estepa, which you can see in the picture that includes my dog as well.

I started using computers by accident. When I was 14 I won the football lotto. The money from the lotto wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to buy my first computer. At the time, I was really just going to use the computer for video games. Little did I know this was going to be the start of my career.

I started with Linux when I was in the University. The first program I implemented was in C and I spent days and nights tinkering with it just to make it work properly. I would think about the problems that I needed to solve during the day, and suddenly stop what I was doing just to create a solution. There would even be times that I would stop eating lunch, so I could run to my computer and try out an idea.

Throughout the whole project, I enjoyed working on every aspect of it and I was amazed with all opportunities that coding provided. However, it was really hard to do since I didn’t have Internet when I went back home.

Since I didn’t have Internet all the time, I started learning more about Linux by reading books and running code examples from Linux magazines. One of the first examples was to implement and deploy a Python-based radio server.

Why did you join Bitnami and what excites you about working here?

Daniel Lopez, Bitnami’s founder and CEO, came to my University to talk about Open Source, the Apache Software Foundation and the projects he was working on. I really wanted to work on similar projects, so I took the opportunity to apply for their open position. Since I applied while I was in school, I started working at Bitnami even before finishing my Telecommunication engineering degree.

Bitnami gave me a great opportunity to learn new technologies and to grow professionally. I started simplifying the installation process for some of the first companies in the commercial Open Source ecosystem like MySQL, GroundWork, Zenoss, SugarCRM and more.

After 6 years, I decided to improve my management skills and I started a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in a Spanish Business School. At the same time, Bitnami was starting to grow the company, so I was excited to bring my new skill set to the team by adding more internal structure, teaching new developers and spreading the word about Bitnami at technical conferences.

What are you working on?

I manage the tools team, which focuses on improving our internal tools to ensure that all of our assets are easy to build, tested, and kept up-to-date. They include everything from installers for all operating systems, cloud images for all of our cloud partners, and all of our container/Helm charts. This is quite exciting because of the scale of the tasks (we regularly need to update thousands of apps across all platforms) but also because we get to touch every single technology out there, from system packaging to cloud APIs to Docker. Along with maintaining our internal tools, we also work to continuously simplify the deployment process for each of these target platforms by building out our automation pipeline.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love nature. I usually go to the mountains with my wife, dogs and sometimes with my nephews. I am not a sportsman, but I enjoy hiking or biking. Thanks to the good weather in the south of Spain, I love going out with friends to have some our traditional “tapas” over the weekend.

I usually attend technical meetups in and around Seville, so if you see me in one of them stop by and say hello!

Interested in working with Bitnami and Beltran? Apply for one of our open positions!