Thursday, July 19, 2012

ThinkUp gives you insights on your social networks

Today we are happy to announce ThinkUp, a new addition to the BitNami Library of applications. ThinkUp is a bit different from our other 'traditional' BitNami apps which are typically either oriented towards development (language runtimes, code review) or collaboration (project management, wikis). ThinkUp allows you to track all your social network activity and store it in a central dabase that you can then use to search, sort, analyze, publish and display activity from your network. ThinkUp supports all the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). You can learn more about ThinkUp on their official website and on the short video below. 

We have packaged ThinkUp and all of its dependencies (web server, database, PHP runtime) and configured everything so when you install the BitNami stack for ThinkUp it will work out of the box. You can download native installers for Windows, Linux and OS X so you can install ThinkUp on your local server or test it on your personal laptop. We also have virtual machines available as well as Amazon Machine Images. Because all of the BitNami stacks are completely free, if you combine the free BitNami AMI with the AWS free tier, it is possible to run your own ThinkUp server 24/7 on the cloud completely free of charge!