Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simplified BitNami Cloud Hosting Plans

At BitNami, our goal is to make it as simple as possible to deploy and manage your favorite open source (and other) applications in the cloud. Providing simple and clear pricing is an important part of this. As a result of customer feedback, we have further simplified our plans for BitNami Cloud Hosting to eliminate the limit on the number of cloud provider accounts that you can have tied to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account at each plan level. So, you can now connect an unlimited number of AWS accounts to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account, regardless of which plan you are on - no more having to selectively choose which accounts to connect!

Why would you want to have more than one AWS account set up in your BitNami Cloud Hosting account? Many of our customers like to have separate AWS accounts for development, testing and production. Others are using BitNami Cloud Hosting to provide hosted applications to their clients and like to have a separate AWS account for each client. Still others have separate accounts for business and personal use. By connecting all of your AWS accounts to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account, you can view and manage your servers across all of your accounts from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between accounts and keep track of multiple logins and passwords.

With BitNami's recently added capability to move instances/servers across AWS accounts, having more cloud accounts tied to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account makes even more sense - you can easily move servers from your separate development, test and production accounts, or create a "gold" image that includes BitNami software plus your modifications to easily spin up new client sites across different AWS accounts.

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