Thursday, September 20, 2012

BitNami Makes it Easy to Try Infoworld's BOSSIE-Award Winning Apps

At BitNami, we carefully select what we believe to be the best open source applications across a range of categories, so you know that any app that you get from BitNami will be of the highest quality. It seems that Infoworld agrees with our selections - out of 25 applications selected for the 2012 Infoworld Bossie Awards (Best of Open Source Software,) 10 are available on BitNami and an 11th is already in the works!

We would like to congratulate the teams building the following BitNami-packaged applications for earning Bossie Awards:

As with all BitNami Stacks, all of the above applications are available free of charge as native installers, virtual appliances (VMs) and AMIs for the Amazon Cloud. In particular, the VMs and AMIs make it incredibly easy to test these best-of-breed applications in minutes without actually installing them in your system. Even if you choose to use the native installers, you will see that they are completely self-contained and install all of their dependencies in their own directory, so they won't interfere with other software installed on your system.

Do you agree with Infoworld's list? If you think there is a great open source business application that isn't available in the BitNami library, let us know in the comments.