Friday, September 21, 2012

Server Cloning, Custom Firewalls and Other New Features in BitNami Cloud Hosting

We have been hard at work improving BitNami Cloud Hosting, our platform for deploying and managing the BitNami Application Library in the cloud and we are pleased to announce the release of several new features:

Server Cloning

The new 'clone' button allows you to make an exact copy of your server in one click. This is great for testing out new code or updates on an exact clone of your production server. It also allows you to make a copy of your server in a different AWS account, in case you have separate accounts for development and production, or if you separate accounts for separate customers and want to be able to re-use work you have done for one for another client.

The clone button appears at the top of the Manage Server screen for each of your servers.

Server-specific Firewall Rules

Many of you requested the ability to set special firewall rules on a per-server basis, rather than have the same rules apply to all of your servers. We're happy to report that this functionality is now available in BitNami Cloud Hosting, as shown above. The new Firewall tab in the Manage Server screen allows you to add custom firewalls just for that server, or to edit the default firewalls for it. This feature allows you to add additional security to your server by controlling access to it.

Server Status Details

The new Server Status Details dialog lets you see exactly what is happening to your server, both during the build process and once the server is launched. To access this dialog, click on the "more info" link next to the Status indicator on the Manage Server screen.

In addition to the above features, we have made a number of improvements on the back-end to speed up the  build process as well as the user interface. Stay tuned for several more improvements to the UI that make it even faster and easier to use!

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