Friday, November 16, 2012

BitNami Cloud Hosting support for RHEL 6.3, Amazon Linux


BitNami Cloud Hosting simplifies the deployment of popular web applications and development runtimes on the Amazon Cloud. It provides the same ease of use and convenience that you have come to expect from BitNami stacks but also adds automatic backups, monitoring, one-click resizing and many more features. We have a diverse user base, ranging from students to governments to web developers and enterprise business users. Different users favor different underlying operating systems for deployment, either because of personal preferences/expertise or because it is a company standard. We offer you a choice of Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and Amazon Linux.

Today we released updated versions of RHEL and Amazon Linux in our platform: RHEL 6.3 and Amazon Linux 2012.09.0   To take advantage of them just log in to your console and click "New server" You will be running an instance with your favorite OS and apps in just a few minutes. Enjoy!