Monday, November 19, 2012

Weblate now available in BitNami

Weblate is now part of the BitNami library. Weblate is a web-based translation tool with tight Git integration. It features a simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across subprojects, consistency checks and automatic linking to source files. Weblate is written in Python and powered by the Django application framework.

Weblate lets you handle several projects and languages simultaneously with an easy-to-use and clear interface.

Weblate dashboard

The list of features includes:
  • Easy web-based translation
  • Propagation of translations across sub-projects (for different branches)
  • Tight git integration - every change is represented by Git commit
  • Usage of Django's admin interface
  • Upload and automatic merging of translation files
  • Links to source files for context
  • Allows to use machine translation services
  • Message consistency checks
  • Tunable access control
  • Wide range of supported translation formats (Gettext, Qt, Java, Windows, Symbian and more)
You can now download free, ready to run native installers for OS X and Linux, virtual machines and Amazon EC2 images coming soon.

You can find more information about this project in its official web and related documentation on

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