Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated BitNami Redmine stacks (Ruby 1.9, Passenger 4)

We are happy to announce that BitNami Redmine, BitNami RubyStack and other Ruby-based stacks have been updated to include Ruby 1.9 and Passenger 4 beta with one goal in mind: improving performance. There are benchmarks that prove Ruby 1.9 is almost 2x faster than 1.8 version, and it feels even faster in the real world. 

The following are several BitNami applications that have been re-released with Ruby 1.9 support:

Redmine, project management tool.
Spree, an e-commerce platform.
Tracks, a web-based application to help you implement the GTD methodology.
Radiant, a Ruby On Rails CMS. We have upgraded it to 1.1.0 version.
- In addition to that, all of the BitNami PHP-based modules like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, SugarCRM and others will run well on top of RubyStack.


The default configuration for production environments for Linux and OS X is now Apache running with the Passenger module. However, if you prefer to use Nginx with Passenger, BitNami RubyStack ships the Nginx server and the Passenger extension already compiled and ready-to-use! Please see below for how easy it is to enable Nginx server with Passenger.

$ cd /opt/bitnami (or your installation directory)
$ ./ stop apache

Edit the "nginx/conf/nginx.conf" and add the public path to your application. For example, Redmine application:

 server {
    listen 80; (or a different port)
    root /opt/bitnami/apps/redmine/htdocs/public;
    passenger_enabled on;
    rails_env production;
    passenger_base_uri /redmine;

Disable Apache server and enable Nginx.

$ mv apache2/scripts/ apache2/scripts/
$ mv nginx/scripts/ nginx/scripts/
$ ./ start nginx

On Windows, all BitNami Ruby-based stacks ship DevKit, a development tool kit for adding gems that require C/C++ extensions easily. Now it is even easier to customize your applications or extend their functionality adding plugins.