Friday, May 31, 2013

Ruby 2.0 development environment for Windows

We are glad to announce a new release of BitNami Ruby 2.0 Stack, which is focused on improved Windows support.  

BitNami Ruby Stack provides a complete, self-contained development environment for Ruby on Rails for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. We offer one-click packages for each Ruby 1.8, Ruby 1.9 and Ruby 2.0.

BitNami Ruby 2.0 for Windows
BitNami Ruby 2.0 for Windows

With the latest version of Ruby in this package you can find the latest version of Rails. In order to avoid frustration when installing gems that require compilation,  we also include pre-compiled version of the most common gems like thin, eventmachine, mysql2, sqlite3 and rmagick. This is specially interesting on Windows when you don't always have a compilation environment set up. In any case, we also include DevKit on Windows in case you want to use other gems that need to be compiled.

Together with the minimum Ruby on Rails environment we include other components that you will likely use when developing a RoR application. On our Windows version you can find:
  • Apache HTTP Server and thin and eventmachine pre-compiled gems for web deployment. 
  • Databases: Sqlite3 and MySQL databases together with sqlite3 and mysql2 pre-compiled gems. 
  • phpMyAdmin for MySQL administration.
  • A graphical manager tool for managing the servers.
  • ImageMagick and rmagick gem for image conversion.
  • Source version control systems: Subversion and Git
In Linux version you also find NGINX web server and Varnish a web application accelerator. Apache is working with Pushion Passenger by default in this flavor.

You can take a look at our documentation to learn more about how to use BitNami Ruby Stack.