Thursday, September 5, 2013

AWS CLI tools Generally Available, BitNami Cloud Tools updated

Amazon just made the General Availability release of the AWS Command Line Interface tool. With this tool you can control and automate multiple AWS services from the command line and scripts.

BitNami Cloud Tools for AWS has been updated to this latest version and also bundle other popular AWS developer tools for the command line. Some of them require third-party software to run, so we have bundled Java, Ruby 1.9, Python and Node.JS runtimes so, with a single download, you get a fully configured environment to start playing with every Amazon API:

- AWS CLI for Python
- EC2 API tools
- EC2 AMI tools
- CloudFormation tools
- SES tools (Simple Email Service)
- SNS tools (Simple Notification Service)
- CloudWatch command line tool
- SDK for Ruby, Java and Node.js
- s3cmd tool
BitNami Cloud Tools for AWS
BitNami Cloud Tools for AWS are available for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms. Enjoy!