Friday, October 25, 2013

WordPress 3.7 Now Available on BitNami

We are happy to announce that the recently released WordPress 3.7, which is now available in BitNami.

If you just want to check out this new version, you can instantly launch a free cloud demo server (it will run for one hour) with the BitNami Cloud Launchpad by clicking the button below.

Some of the highlighted features of WordPress 3.7 are the following:

- Automatic Background updates: Automatic upgrades are now available for minor versions of core, but it can also be extended to theme or plugin updates by choice.

WordPres 3.7

- A better password meter that will prevent lazy passwords
- Improved search
- Better global support with language packs
- and more features

At BitNami, our goal is to make it ease to test and deploy the latest versions of open source web applications and language runtimes. The BitNami WordPress stack includes a pre-configured version of WordPress and all of its required dependencies. You can now download free, ready to run native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux, virtual machines and Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud images.