Thursday, December 12, 2013

Need massive compute power? Bitnami now supports C3 instances in Amazon EC2

We’re pleased to announce that Bitnami now supports AWS C3 instances. C3 is the next generation of high performance and economical processors for helping EC2 users to crunch big data or manage 3D graphics or perform other magnificent feats of computing glory.
We already support the general purpose M1-M3 types and computer optimized C1 types. When Amazon announced the new C3 type last month, we got to work.
C3 clould server hosting with Bitnami
Selecting a C3 instance through Bitnami is simple.
  1. Launch an image from our library in the cloud
  2. Open the Bitnami Cloud Hosting interface to manage your server
  3. Select the server you want to manage, click the Manage button, then resize the server using the slider 
And you're done!

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