Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Bitnami logo from 99 Designs

It’s been a long time in coming, but we have a brand new, something-we-can-be-proud-of logo. As a small and fast-growing startup, there are scores of well-deserving, high priority projects, but designing a spiffy new company logo wasn’t one of them. Until it was.  
Last month, Amazon RE:Invent 2013 was right around the corner and, given the over 100 MM hours of AWS usage we drove this year, we decided to have a booth at the show. It was now or never to have a spanking new look for the 8000+ attendees who would be there. The old logo had its time in the sun, but we wanted something that was modern and could work anywhere (website, tshirt, dog collar, tattoo, etc.).
We did what any self-respecting startup does: waited until the last minute then signed up for 99 Designs. And it was flawless. We received an overwhelming 338 designs to choose from. It wasn’t an easy choice, but we finally selected a winner from GEEDSIGN. After a few more mods, voila! Let us know what you think of the new design! (In case you forget what the old logo looked like, you can see it here)

After the logo was selected, we produced a tradeshow booth, brochure, and lots and lots of t-shirts all with less than two weeks before the event. A big thanks to our own Fred Kelly for churning out the tradeshow collateral lickety-split. 
The logo is part of a larger focus on marketing, which is apropos because I'm happy to announce that I've just joined Bitnami as their first full-time marketing director. Before Bitnami, I worked at Atlassian where I was their first full-time marketing director hired back in 2005. And now I am absolutely stoked to be part of the coolest cloud company around – and I'm secretly in love with the office location in the heart of everything San Francisco. (Ready for your own change of scene or know someone who is? We're hiring, both in San Francisco and Sevilla.)

Made it this far? Lucky you, because the first 10 people to comment on this form or below in the Comments on which Bitnami apps/stacks they're using get a free shirt. :)