Monday, January 27, 2014

Azure Strikes Back with Their Own Storage Discounts

Windows Azure
The storage price wars continue. Last week, Amazon Web Services announced lower prices for S3 and EBS storage. A couple days later, Azure announced they would match the pricing.
We are committed to matching Amazon Web Services prices for commodity services like compute, storage, and bandwidth. Effective March 13, we are reducing prices by up to 20 percent for Block Blobs Storage, up to 28 percent for Locally Redundant Disks/Page Blobs Storage, and, we are also lowering the price of Storage transactions by 50 percent.
Azure is rapidly gaining ground to Amazon. According to a recent Nasuni 2013 Cloud Storage Report, “This year, our tests revealed that Microsoft Azure Blob Storage has taken a significant step ahead of last year’s leader, Amazon S3, to take the top spot across three primary tests (performance, scalability and stability), Microsoft emerged as a top performer in every category.”
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