Monday, February 3, 2014

Review Board PowerPack for Code Review

The makers of Review Board have just released a new add-on product called Power Pack, which extends the capabilities of Review Board.

Review Board Power Pack

Review Board is an open-source code review tool that helps teams review each other's code to improve overall code quality. It makes it easy to scan and review diffs and images that are part of a change.

Power Pack extends Review Board by offering three key features:
  • PDF document review
  • GitHub Enterprise integration
  • Better scalability management

The document review extension brings the same powerful, lightweight review process to PDF files that developers have enjoyed for their source code. Documents are displayed right in the browser without a need for any plug-ins or extra software to be installed. Developers, product managers, documentation writers, legal and anyone else can share documents and comment on them easily and quickly, keeping all the comments and discussion in one place.

GitHub Enterprise is a popular tool used by enterprises to get the power of GitHub with the security of their own networks. With Power Pack, developers can perform code review against GitHub Enterprise repositories, taking advantage of time-saving features pull requests don't offer.

Power Pack also takes care of the harder parts of scaling Review Board across multiple servers, increasing performance for large installations.

Power Pack is licensed under a subscription model. It's priced at $8.33/month per user, which will also entitle you to all new features, fixes, and support. In the coming year, there are plans to include reporting and enhanced code review features, which will come at no additional cost.

As an exclusive benefit to Bitnami users, you can use referral code "BITNAMI" to get 10% off for the first year. That's only $7.50/month per user. Try Review Board today free with Bitnami, then check out Power Pack on the Review Board website.