Friday, April 18, 2014

Review an app, get a shirt

We want your opinions! What is it like working with your favorite CRM, wiki, bug tracker, or development stack? What advice would you give your friends?

There are an overwhelming number of choices people have for open source software. People can spend a lot of time evaluating a lot of software and still not find something that's quite right. That's why, starting today, we're asking our visitors to comment about their favorite open source apps and developer stacks on our newly released ratings and reviews feature. And, as a special incentive, we're offering free t-shirts for the first 30 people to submit reviews.

With thousands of daily deployments from Bitnami, the Bitnami community has become one of the most knowledgeable groups using open source software in development and production environments. We hope to capture some of that collective knowledge on our website.

To comment, you will need to sign in with your Bitnami account. Once you're in, share your personal experience of any of the 90 or so apps we offer by telling others how you used it, how well it worked – or didn't work – for you or your team.

How to get a free tshirt

Just write a quality review – you know, the kind of review you like to read. What matters most is sharing your experience with the software – pro or con. That's it! Login, write a review and we'll send a shirt. We'll email the first 30 people to write reviews to offer you a choice of shirts – our Bitnami logo shirt or the Cloud Geek shirt. Visit any stack page to add your $.02 and join the conversation.


  1. Very useful for testing and hosting stuff. Love using this, helps me a lot with my personal files and sharing them freely.

  2. Bitnami is a program I started using recently as I am learning Ruby. This program really helps with Rails because it is an open source application that helps with web applications and development stacks and viritual applications. I like this cloud computing technology that is being integrated and I found it very verstaile and helpful. I could recommend this to anyone who wants to get serious into web applications and integration with the stuff already out there.

  3. Running an app in the cloud in a nutshell. With it, we can even learn some code and use it as an introduction platform for beginners and professional spot for advanced users. It's easy and the right thing.

  4. I have always recommended BitNami XAMPP over wamp to all the new interns here.. Thank you guys for all the good work. Your continuous work helps us setup our project faster hence making lives for all us ,and other users, a whole lot easier..

  5. I'm a test lead and Bitnami is really useful and makes my job more easy. Cheers to u guys :)

  6. At work my boss tell me to make an website, wiki and forum on my workstation (not server). And when I search on Google I found Bitnami.
    Bitnami is the right tool for new bloggers who plan to invest in their blogs long term—you'll learn more as you go, while still being able lay your foundation immediately. It looks more like software than web design, and for that, I'm thankful.
    It is simple enough for an average user, but has enough features to suit a business. And all of those features are easy to access and use. You do not have to know HTML to post an attractive blog with Bitnami.

    Thank you Bitnami

  7. First time I've tried Bitnami when I needed to install redmine. Bitnami provided really user friendly and easy set up. I'm very pleased.


  8. Bitnami makes it very easy to deploy an application and manage it,It saves a lot of other hosting troubles which we needn't bother,and instead we head on directly into development of application.Have been using bitnami for rails development.and of all the troubles i have faced for hosting my application ,bitnami was the quickest and easiest approach i use.Hoping to see bitnami develop more apps in other platform as well .
    Thank you bitnami

  9. I was looking for cloud hosting for OpenERP but was worried about the complexity of creating my own machine in AWS. The Bitnami wrapper around AWS made setting up my instance of OpenERP very easy. I am now up and running with a developer option, without the restrictions of the native hosted service. I will be keen to see how Bitnami can help when it comes to the next OpenERP upgrade. Really impressed with the service.

  10. I'm very pleased.Very useful for testing and hosting stuff. First time I've tried Bitnami when I needed to install redmine. Bitnami provided really user friendly and easy set upI am now up and running with a developer option, without the restrictions of the native hosted service.I was looking for cloud hosting for OpenERP but was worried about the complexity of creating my own machine in AWS. Very useful for testing and hosting stuff. Love using this, helps me a lot with my personal files and sharing them freely.

  11. Yo buscaba en internet cms gratis y encontré mucho el problema estaba en probar cada uno con bd por separado.. Cuando encontré la solución en bitnami.. Ya tiene todo preconfigurado Joomla.. Drupal.. Tails.. me ayudo demasiado se los recomiendo.. Saludos

  12. It is very fast and easy to use. Working with wordpress in it is very easy and comfortable. Good support and suggestions for the users.

  13. My review of the wordpress app.

    "It's everything as promised

    by muxica on April 25, 2014

    I set wordpress up with bitnami for development purposes. It was fast and simple to install. I love that it's a free service, however, I didn't like that there was advertisements involved. It's a pet peeve of mine when I attempt to install software and I'm barraged by advertisement. I block all banners on my web browsing, I don't even watch television because advertising tends to ruin the experience.

    Thus I stopped using it. If you're fine with a little advertising, use this service, it's great!"

    1. link to the review

  14. Pretty sure you have to post the review on the actual app's page ;-)

    Here's my review of gallery, hopefully this qualifies :-)

  15. I love wordpress. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are not a lot of good free themes.

  16. La instalación de Apache, PHP y MySql es rápida y sencilla. ¡Casi no tienes que configurar nada para empezar a desarrollar!. Aceptemoslo, Bitnami nos hace más fácil la vida a los desarrolladores.

  17. Bitnami is a platform, a single place for exploring different technologies.
    It gives detailed info on the technologies with demos for each app.
    And also helps with detailed documentation
    The best place for tech geeks

  18. I use the app stack for local dev and test then I load it to the website. So having one step configuration and installation for apps is sooo helpful that I can focus on my dev and test as compared to setup.

    I like to use the apps....!!!!

  19. I have used Bitnami apps, namely Wordpress and Magento for my websites. Bitnami Xampp installation was a breeze, especially for the installed apps. There was not a single error during installation and everything was fine.

    Bitnami is great in the way that it offers such a large variety of choices of the applications that both developers and newcomers alike can use. Time consuming activities like manually configuring your apps are no longer necessary with the ease of use of Bitnami as the solution provider.

    Bitnami is great!

    Thank you.

  20. Thanks for the reviews everyone! Please add your product reviews to the stack pages (e.g., to have them counted towards the free shirt giveaway.

    - Jon

  21. Minha experiencia com o Bitnami é muito boa, recentemente precisei instalar uma ferramenta chamada Redmine no meu trabalho, procurei e encontrei muitos tutoriais na net que falavam sobre o assunto, porem todos tinham pelo menos alguma falha e não ajudaram a completar a instalação.
    Encontrei no site do Bitnami um script para instalação automatizada no linux, baixei a versão de 64 bits e foi só executar, uma única vez e a instalação foi finalizada com sucesso.
    Parabéns, poupou meu tempo e aborrecimentos por conta SLA estourada.
    Obrigado Bitnami.

  22. Sometimes you need to offload some routine stuff installing and configuring some stacks you already have the know how to install, configure, and integrate and doing the same thing multiple time won't add any value to your skills, however it will waste some time and get you off the main business you are trying to achieve.
    So I believe different automation strategies which is considered a feature of cloud computing helps us to concentrate in business we are trying to achieve, and helps also non-technical guys to play and get things done in a few minutes with going deep in details, it also helps us in testing lot of new techs rapidly and concentrating more in testing rather than how to get things up.
    That's why thank you Bitnami for your help and added value in Cloud era :)

  23. I use Bitnami Xamp, its runs smooth thats why i prefer xamp over wamp.
    all the tools under bitnami xamp are fabulous i like phpMyAdmin, filezilla most.
    I am currently learning ruby on rails, and i find Bitnami ruby stack is a very useful, powerful and simple tool for learning ruby on rails.

  24. Hello everyone. I have tried the Apache Solr by Bitnami and it is really awesome. I suggest every developer to try this at least once

  25. I am a new user, and first fell in luv with Bitnami within a couple of hours. I'm a Windows 7 x64 user, and have always chosen WAMP, XAMPP, and then was using AMPPS before finding BitNami! Though I found those other products harder to install to my needs, as new to PC Development Setups such as these, I was constantly having to find specialized tutorials for installing PHP Scripts, and also took me a while in the beginning as to how to set-up MySQL and Apache.

    I liked AMPPS as it has ready to go a wider range of software & easier to install systems like Perl, MongoDB for example. Though it was lacking, and being one for easy, quick installation I found a review for BitNami and decided to try it out right away!

    I use BitNami Xamp, easy to set-up the system and the best thing for me is the ease of installing the Scripts such as WORDPRESS, which is my main occupier of time on any of these systems, followed by our Crowd-Sourced Dev Collaborative's WebApps/Web Services, generally in PHP/mySQL, though we just got a Contributor from Canada who is a Ruby on Rails Developer, as all our Coders/Designers are mostly away at UNI in EURO coming up on busy season... so I've told the rest of the @Code_Collective to hurry & grab their copy in a recent Facebook update & IRC Chat, so we can all start on the RoR Web Service and give it a nice Test on BitNami, and also I'm a recent student of WordPress Theme Customization, then get into custom themes next, As I plan to be the Collective's WP Guy until we get some more skill - so this will do me wonders with the easy 1-2-3 process of installing BitNami Systems, Script Installation & Working on the Design Code & Graphics which saves alot of time, and especially the interruptions on live Blogs, even for the smallest Modification....

    I'm all for BitNami, and it's numerous cool apps and scripts available that are great for everyday development and overall time saving,

    As a Newbie I found set-up and installation easy to follow with the great and well documented instructions found online and when in doubt you can find some awesome youtube video's on how to do some cool stuff, nice tios & tricks,

    I Give it a 4.2/5/0 - Keenly awaiting the next version.
    P/S: Fingers Crossed for the T-Shirt, I promise to advertise it in my 'Public Non-Profit Office' I use with other Open Source Developers, and Freelancers in the corner booth!!!


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