Friday, January 9, 2015

Elasticsearch added to Bitnami Library!

We are happy to announce that Elasticsearch is now available on the Bitnami library!

Elasticsearch is an open source real-time search and analytics engine. It is intended for use in distributed environments where reliability and scalability are critical. Almost any action can be performed using a simple RESTful API using JSON over HTTP. 

Elasticsearch is now ready to install in a few clicks with the Bitnami Elasticsearch Installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images(VMs), cloud images for Amazon EC2, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

We also ship Elasticsearch-head, which is an open source plugin that provides a web front-end for managing your Elasticsearch cluster.

If you want to quickly check out Elasticsearch, you can launch a free cloud demo server. By clicking the button below, you will have your own Elasticsearch instance running for 1 hour, for free!

Don't forget to visit our wiki to learn how to manage your installation. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

Would you like your favorite app to be part of Bitnami? Be sure to suggest and vote for it in our monthly contest!


  1. It seems like there isn't a way to add it via as it doesn't show up in the application search there... but instead its possible to start a demo server and then port that to the account ... is this intentional?

  2. Hi Tiklup! We are still working on adding Elasticsearch as a development option on Bitnami Cloud Hosting servers. We plan to release it soon. In the mean time, it is possible to launch a server in AWS and import it to Bitnami Cloud Hosting following this guide.

  3. Hey there,

    I just setup a AWS Cloud Server with Elasticsearch installed using Bitnami. The wiki doesn't suggest how to access the elasticsearch-head page via http, can you help with that? website/elasticsearch-head doesn't seem to be working

  4. You need to make sure that port 80 is open in your security group. Please post any other question you may have at We will be glad of helping you there!


Please use our community forum if you have any questions