Monday, July 20, 2015

Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp 3rd edition

We are happy to announce the third edition of the Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp. In case you are not familiar with Bitnami bootcamps, it is a fast-paced 2 week course that provides you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to automate the installation and management of server software, with an emphasis in the cloud. You will learn directly from developers and system administrators responsible for systems that manage tens of thousands of servers.

Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp will be taught in-person in our Seville, Spain office. The classes will take place from 9am – 2pm then we will break for lunch and in the afternoon we will have time for hands-on practice, typically until 6 – 7pm. We will have some guest instructors for specific topics and some of those classes may happen in the afternoon.

The following areas will be covered:
  • Linux system administration: from the basics to advanced topics such as security and performance tuning
  • Security administration basics: SSL/TLS, ssh, control access
  • Server deployment: Apache, nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Server application deployment: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and NodeJS runtimes
  • Cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCE) and OpenStack
  • Containers deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
  • IT automation with Ansible
  • Modern software development with Phabricator, GIT
We would like to repeat the same great experience from previous editions. You can find more information about Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp 2015 here.