Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review Board Now Available Pre-installed with Power Pack!

Review Board and Bitnami go way back. Since it became a part of the library in 2012, thousands of Bitnami users have turned to Review Board to take the pain out of the vitally important task of reviewing code before releasing it.

We are excited to announce that the Review Board stack just got even better with the release of the new Bitnami Review Board + Power Pack stack! In addition to all the great Review Board features we know and love, especially after their recent major update, the pre-installed Power Pack module adds new functionality in four areas:

PDF document review: When you're reviewing the code for that great new feature, it can be just as important to review the documentation that goes with it. With Power Pack you can upload and review PDF documents exported from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Documents can be displayed in the browser without any plug-ins or extra software needed, and comments can be made for documents just like they are in your source code.

Management Reporting:  If you are wondering whether code review is being carried out efficiently and consistently across multiple developers and teams, Power Pack can help. Track workloads and get big-picture data on how well code reviews are working for your team with intuitive graphs, charts, and reports.

Github Enterprise & MS Team Foundation Server Integration: For anyone using these popular tools for managing source code within the secure confines of the enterprise data center, Power Pack makes it easy to integrate Review Board functionality. All you have to do is point Review Board to the URL of your Github or Team Foundation Server and connect with a login and password.

Enterprise Scalability: If your company scales into the thousands of engineers, it may become necessary to increase the number of servers running Review Board to maintain optimal speed and fault tolerance. With Power Pack you can move auxiliary data like SSH keys to the database instead of in the front-end server's file system, enabling you to scale up multiple servers as needed.

Interested in trying the new supercharged Bitnami Review Board + Power Pack stack? You can find local installers, virtual machines, and cloud images available at the Review Board + Power Pack stack page in Bitnami.

You can also launch an absolutely free one-hour demo server by clicking the button below!