Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Need a Parse Service Alternative? Try the New Bitnami Parse Self-hosted Server

If you’re one of the many affected by the recent announcement that Facebook’s Parse service is being discontinued, Bitnami is happy to offer an alternative.

In collaboration with our cloud partners, Bitnami is providing an open source Parse Server, ready to be deployed, either in the cloud or locally, with a single click.

Key Features: 
  • Bitnami Parse Server images are one-click to deploy and get you up and running immediately on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, and the Google Cloud Platform launchpad. 
  • They’re also available as Linux installers or virtual machine images for local installation. Local images have parity with those hosted on cloud environments.
  • Bitnami images are consistent, kept up to date, and patched for security vulnerabilities that may arise. 
  • Bitnami Parse Server stack is based on MEAN: Node.js 4.1.2, MongoDB 3.0.9, Express 4.2.0, and Parse Server 2.0.6.
We’ve also created a great guide to Bitnami Parse Server, covering such critical topics as: