Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bitnami Application Catalog Now Available in Open Telekom Marketplace

Open Telekom Cloud users are now able to launch any of our 140+ optimized, trusted, and ready-to-run applications within their new marketplace! Bitnami is proud to be the first publisher of applications for the Open Telekom Cloud marketplace. Now, European customers are able to bring their workloads to Open Telekom Cloud through their marketplace and the Bitnami Launchpad.

With our new partnership, we plan to provide current and interested customers with a series of resources that will highlight the value of Bitnami and Open Telekom Cloud joining forces. Starting this past week we launched a joint webinar series that is designed to highlight a set of popular applications from our catalog and the onboarding and user experience of the Open Telekom Cloud. If you missed our first webinar focused on common Devops tools, Thinking One Step Further with time-saving DevOps tools with Bitnami applications on Open Telekom Cloud? Watch the on-demand recording below: 

For customers that may not be familiar with using open source software, Bitnami’s packaged application stacks provide added features and components to deliver everything you need out of the box. Bitnami ensures each application is: 

  • Ready-to-Run – Pre-configured applications and development stacks 
  • Up-to-date – Bitnami’s Application Catalog is continuously updated and secure 
  • Optimized – Consistently configured for best performance on any platform 
  • Trusted – Over 1 million Bitnami packaged applications are deployed per month 

Along with providing secure, up-to-date, optimized applications, Open Telekom Cloud keeps their customer’s needs in mind by providing a platform that meets German data privacy & compliance regulations and even the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation, all while enjoying the benefits and flexibility of using the cloud.

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