Thursday, November 16, 2017

WordPress 4.9 is now available on Bitnami

WordPress, the most popular open source CMS has just released the “best release ever” in their own words (188 enhancements and new features has been added). And now, WordPress 4.9 is available in the Bitnami catalogue. 

Here are some of the most remarkable new features and enhancements included in this WordPress version:

New widgets and improvements

In addition to the new media widgets included in the prior version, version 4.9 also includes a Gallery widget for adding galleries both in the post content and in the sidebar.

New Gallery widget for post content and sidebar

We can highlight that this new version (at last!) support shortcodes in the text widget. The theme switching has also been enhanced.

Improvements for customizing sites

WordPress has improved the experience of discover, install and preview new themes on the customizer. The Nav Menu side has been also upgraded: a more clear menu panel that facilitates adding a new menu to the desired location.

Changes on the Nav Menu based on user experience tests

Code with more security and reliability 

WordPress has reintroduced syntax highlighting and includes linting and auto-completion by incorporating the CodeMirror library. Apart from this, the Additional CSS Integration also incorporates the detention of syntax errors.

CodeMirror supports linting to detect errors in your code

This new version has a bunch of updates that you can’t miss.  New interesting changes for developers in WordPress Multisite (which is also available in the Bitnami catalogue) or new capabilities for plugins and language files amongst others, are waiting for you.

You can deploy Bitnami WordPress 4.9 in just a few clicks:

And for the most demanding environments, you can also try Bitnami WordPress Multi-Tier which separates the application code from the database. It is available on Google Cloud Platform, Azure or AWS.