Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Working with AWS Marketplace to Bring Bitnami Container Images to You

Written by Rick Spencer, VP of Engineering at Bitnami

For the last few months, my team and I have had the pleasure of working with the AWS Marketplace team to provide a set of enterprise-grade container images for their recently announced container marketplace. We are seeing a trend towards Cloud Service Providers becoming not only the preferred container hosting infrastructure but the preferred supplier of container images for enterprises.

While the Docker Hub is still popular with developers, its importance as the authoritative source for containers has faded with the rise of Kubernetes and higher-level, application-centric packaging formats such as Helm charts. Even more important, as organizations adopt containers in production, they have a need for trusted containers that they can use as the building blocks of their own applications.

The collaboration between AWS and Bitnami ensures that developers have access to vetted, secure and up-to-date containers that are guaranteed to work with AWS container offerings. This is possible because of the certification process on the AWS side previous to publishing as well as the extensive automation on the Bitnami side for creating, testing and updating the containers.

If you enjoy the Bitnami container images in the AWS Marketplace and you need to create your own container images (or cloud images), we also have you covered: Stacksmith is an online tool that enables you to start building and, more importantly, automatically maintaining, your bespoke container images in just a few hours.